The Story

How they met:
How Dave and Emilie met is a rather humorous tale. It all began the summer of 2001, when Emilie traveled to Australia through a foreign exchange program. One of the friends she made on that trip, Amanda, invited her to a Zion versus Warren (her hometown High School) football game to cheer on her cousin. When Emilie met up with Amanda for the game, Amanda informed her that they were all painting their stomachs for the game, each person becoming a letter of the 'GO DAVE' cheer. Well as it turns out...all of the letters were already taken, so Emilie was the painted exclamation point of the cheer. Although she never met him that evening, she unknowingly cheered on her future husband 5 years before they ever spoke.

Fast forward 5 years...

Emilie roomed with Sarah her junior year of college and they contined to be close friends once Emilie moved to an apartment. One evening, Sarah had come over to watch 24 and decided to call her army friend to see how he was doing. At one point in the conversation, Sarah passed the phone to Emilie and told her to say something random. The first word Emilie ever uttered to Dave, was "Bacon". From there, they began communicating with one another through various means. Upon graduation, Emilie made a lengthy road trip to Texas to visit Dave with his friends Sarah and Rob. After they finally met in person, the rest, as they say, is history.

The Proposal:
It was a cold, crisp afternoon and Dave had made plans to travel to the Melting Pot for a romantic dinner with Emilie. Dave and Emilie traveled to Buffalo Grove where they proceeded to have a wonderful and incredibly filling dinner. Dave had informed Emilie that they needed to leave the restaurant by around 7:30/7:45 to head somewhere else. Well, when the dessert tray came, Dave checked the time and found it to be 8:15. A bit flustered, Dave informed Emilie that they needed to leave as soon as possible. So they hurriedly finished dessert and Dave proceeded to speed down I-94. Emilie couldn't understand what the rush was, but decided against asking questions.

When they arrived to their destination, they were in the middle of Zion. There was a Christmas lights display put on every year for people to walk through. Emilie looked at the sign and disappointedly informed him that it was closed today and they wouldn't be able to get in. Dave grinned and took her hand leading them to the gate and proceeded to pull the gate keys from his pocket. They casually strolled along the path pausing occasionally to view the lights and displays in more detail before they came to 'Santa's House'. Being that it was about 15 degrees outside, they decided to head inside to warm up a bit. While they were standing there looking out upon the lights, Dave turned Emilie to face him. He took a deep breath, told her how much he loved her, and dropped to one knee, asking for her hand in marriage. Of course she said yes, and Dave and Emilie were engaged on Christmas Eve, 2007.